Wednesday, April 09, 2008


This morning during my office hours I got the following phone call:

Me: "Hello, this is Natalie"

Person: "Hi, this is Tony"

Me: "Tony... Do I know Tony?"

Tony: "Probably not" (pause) "How are you?"

Me: "I'm fine, but confused"

Tony: "Pardon?"

Me: (louder and slower) "I'm fine, but confused. You asked how I was, and I say that I'm fine, but since I don't know who you are, I am confused by this phone call"

Tony: "oh, I'm sorry I'm confusing you" (pause) "I was told by my councellor that you will be teaching Earth Science again in the fall"

Me: "yes I will"

Tony: "Great! It's in the evening, right?"

Me: "no, it's at 11:10 in the morning, Monday and Wednesday, someone else will be teaching Earth Science at night"

Tony: "Oh, I thought you were teaching on Tuesday evenings"

Me: "I am teaching on Tuesday evening, but NOT Earth Science, it's Engineering"

Tony: "so you ARE teaching on Tuesday evening"

Me: "NOT Earth Science"

Tony: "but I thought you were teaching Earth Science in the fall"

Me: (slower, louder) "I AM teaching Earth Science, in the MORNINGS, someone ELSE is teaching Earth Science on Tuesday evenings, but we haven't hired them yet so I don't know who it will be"

Tony: "oh, so you're NOT teaching Earth Science"

Me: (slowly, loudly, more annoyed) "I AM teaching EARTH SCIENCE ON MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY MORNINGS, but NOT TUESDAY EVENINGS, there WILL be Earth Science OFFERED on Tuesday evenings, but it will be taught by SOMEONE ELSE"

Tony: "oh, ok, thanks" (pause) "one more question, what's the textbook for that class?"

Me: "It hasn't been decided yet, I am trying to find a less expensive text to use for the fall, so I can't tell you"

Tony: "ok, thank you!"
(we hang up)

Me: (out loud to myself) "I'm SO GLAD he won't be in my class in the fall"


Anthony said...

He gives us Tonys a bad name...

Do you know which Tony this is? In case you're confused (haha)...I'm your floormate from first year and not the phone call Tony.

gnat said...

Yes Tony - it was pretty clearly NOT you on the phone this morning!!!

Kilometres said...

I bet he registers for your engineering class.