Saturday, April 05, 2008

Field Trip Success Again

After much chaos, dilemma, funding, lack of funding, bus, lack of bus, stress stress stress, my first field trip of the semester went off tremendously. WHEW! This one was a new one, a journey along the San Andreas Fault, and below are my two favourite photos from the day.

Always do the "does it stick to your tongue test" to determine the rock diatomite. I love the expressions on the other students faces in the background...

Always encourage students to participate in jumping photos on the San Andreas Fault to see if they can generate an earthquake. Not very many were keen to do so - but this group had loads of enthusiasm, and I think there's potential for new jumping moves here!


Silver Fox said...

Probably you've heard about the recent 99.7% chance of a large eqke in SoCal - maybe we should raise that to 99.9% with all that extra motion by your students!? A good summary and links here at Geotripper.

gnat said...

I am trying to push that probability up to 100% so that all that hype will die down!