Tuesday, April 21, 2009

desert scenes, abundant licking, and a heart shaped xenolith

My annual field trip pilgrimage out to the Mojave came with a lot of the old, but with fresh new eyes... A few faithful ones made it up the dunes and we jumped and didgeridoo-ed our way down until nearing exhaustion, as is required there.

Desert Scenes:

Kelso Dunes

Flowering Cactus Growing out of Vesicular Basalt

Joshua Trees

Bristol Dry Lake: a new terrain adventure for wheeling extensive distances in surprisingly short spans of time... B the Singer was gone in a flash!

Abundant Licking:

J-Spazz and B-Singer are all over this rock salt

The Knee (above) and All American below show them all how it's done
...I didn't even ask (only to take the photo)

And a Heart Shaped Xenolith:

Heart shaped piece of Farallon plate xenolith, composed almost entirely of olivine, likely making it a dunite inclusion. But a HEART-shaped one.


Kilometres said...

This post makes me happy.

Kilometres said...

p.s. Way to have inclusive geology trips!

p.p.s. It's too bad the students didn't know enough to impersonate the Joshua trees. It seemed so obvious to me!