Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Only ignorant people wash their driveways with water hoses to get the dirt off of them when they live in a desert... Did you hear that Kern County???

This year I was the MESA faculty adviser, and was asked to do a "green" educational outreach project with some students. The students naturally selected were those of the newly founded Geology Club, and the project (appropriate for people who are unaware that they are living in a desert) was on water conservation.
We teamed up with some folks over in Digital Arts who helped make our information look pretty and appealing (ie, the poster above, which was simply a photo I took in Yosemite until Will transformed it). The culmination of our hard work was a week of display booth on campus - complete with water taste test - during what I called "Earth Week" (the week during which Earth Day falls).

You can check out our outreach efforts (Odyssey: The Journey of Water) at our website. In fact, please do check it out... it's not outreach without people seeing it!!! As a grand finale we viewed the documentary Flow, which was enraging, and either pushed me to rapidly pursue a PhD and get employed by the UN or to rapidly get a yurt in the mountains and run away from this world... I'm not exactly sure which. But if you haven't seen Flow yet, get on it. And read Water Follies too while you're at it. And Bottlemania. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Josh and Heather said...

You really are a multi-faceted individual. Love your blog and I look forward to visiting with you at our place this summer.

Love the poster! Will watch flow ASAP.


gnat said...

Thanks Josh! I look forward to a long awaited visit too... and that beer you promised me!

Missy said...

I saw one of these people today. I promptly gave him an evil glare as he watered down his sidewalk. Why people???

Dawn said...

Your awesomeness knows no bounds Gnat! That is really really really great :).

Kilometres said...

I shall add all of those to my "must see list" I too am enraged at people and their random abuses of water. *sigh*

I think some of my friends think I'm insane when I lecture them.

The poster looks amazing. Way to take such a killer image Gnat!

I also hope the PhD is the choice as there is clearly a need for your efforts out there! Don't run away to the mountains!