Friday, April 17, 2009

Moro Rock (the one with 1 "r")

View behind Moro Rock, at Castle Rock.

Lunch spot at Moro Rock, looking down into the valley.

Big red snowy trees.

Near Potwisha (where I camped for xmas), gorgeous little stroll by the river - had no idea this was here before!!!

Last week's delayed update was a jaunt with my Faithful Rock Buddy up into Sequoia National Park for a relaxing 4 mile hike in the fresh crisp air, big trees, snow, and that other giant intrusive igneous rock named Moro. (You might remember the other, Morro, from previous posts). Later we also did "research" at various wineries (ok, 7) for my future "wine & geology" class.

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Kilometres said...

Uhm, seriously? Wine and geology class? How do we enroll?

I like the photo of the three red trees with the snow. It's too bad the lighting wasn't a bit better. The red of the bark really stands out against the snow!