Sunday, April 11, 2010


Extreme Chef decided that in order to prevent the onset of senility, we needed to learn how to play Bridge. Contract Bridge. One of these sessions occurred during the early afternoon, so I suggested that we do it with tea and scones and Devonshire cream. I volunteered to make the scones.

For some reason, our Devonshire cream source took it upon themselves to lemon and sugar up the cream, so the effect wasn't quite as authentic as we were going for, even considering the scones were fat little dinosaurs.

In completely unrelated business, except the photo of them was also on my phone, I received some delightful wildflowers from a student last week. So pretty!!! Naturally I did not have a vase to put them in, so I went with the tiki head mug instead. Thanks KM!

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Kilometres said...

The tiki mug instantly invokes a flavour that is just you Gnat! Those flowers are beautiful!

And who else but you would find the time to dinosaurize their homemade scones.