Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Great Becky and Natalie Adventure 2010 - - - Part 5

The rest of the time, which was not much at all, was spent relaxing and making plans in Bakersfield and then visiting the Getty Center in LA.

Kiki caught in the act of being a "garbage cat" - what is he licking???

Loki "helps" us plan our day at the coast

I gave a (swimming) tour of Bakersfield's "mighty" Kern River, and the delightful scenery we have in the area by the bike path. More details in the video below...

the best place to eat in Bakersfield is Mama Roomba, it's fabulous, so we ate there

finally, last tour before the airport: the Hollywood sign


Kilometres said...

What kind of food is served at mama roomba's? It looks tiki flavoured, but I'm sure that's not an actual style of cooking (is it?).

And when I click for the video a very large picture of you and Becky comes up... Is that right? That doesn't seem to provide more details as to you swimming through that river

gnat said...

Mama Roomba is "Carribean Tapas" - DELISH!

The video seems to work for me... I don't know???