Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Great Becky and Natalie Adventure 2010 - - - Part 1

The Hoover Dam: We got a sweet tour of the Hoover Dam through tunnels from the original 1931 excavation, and this was all thanks to us going as a educational group - the BC Engineers' Club - our guide, Bill, was hilarious and the whole adventure left me feeling very small!

looking down nearly 600 feet to the water level

peering out of a 9 ft "window" (ventilation shaft) about 300 ft up from the water

the mandatory group shot from just about water level, looking up almost 550 ft

standing on the border... over the Colorado river


Kilometres said...

Going as a club, meaning you took students with you too (is what I'm gathering from the photo). Did you have to book in advance to be treated as an educational group?

gnat said...

Oh yes and yes - brought students and booked way in advance! Absolutely worth it!