Friday, July 23, 2010

Drunk Bug

Well, the story isn't very good, but the bug kept me occupied for an extended period of time one morning, and this is what happened.

J had several people over for dinner, and left pretty much one sole item out on the deck area. A small plastic cup with a small quantity of warmish wine in it.

In the morning, I saw a substantial (Bermuda cockroach size, only without the big wide cockroach top - it looked kindof like what I would imagine a naked cockroach to look like I guess) bug inside the cup. The bug, now established as a drunk, naked and clearly disoriented cockroach, did not look particularly comfortable in the cup. Well, I'm sure that many have awoken disoriented, still drunk, and possibly even naked, in an unknown locale...

Anyway, back to the bug. We thought we'd help it out by tipping the cup over so that the bug could walk (stagger) out to freedom. After an inordinately long period of time the bug made its way to the edge of the cup and started to lick (not sure if bugs CAN lick... but this is what it looked like) each and every leg and antennae, slowly and deliberately, but still inside the cup. Whenever a soft breeze blew by (frequently) the cup rolled around in circles and the bug would cling on until it stopped, then continue the licking. I was figuring that the bug was drying itself off from the overnight wine bath.

Eventually the bug made it to the outside of the cup, but it did not actually get off the cup, instead it perched on the lip and obsessively began "licking" its right antenna. Then a breeze would blow and the cup would roll around - on top of - the bug, which kept on hanging on (even though now it was outside the cup and getting onto the deck would have been very easy and convenient).

This went on. And on. Finally the bug lost its grip on the cup and I took it away, but even so, the bug kept on licking that one antenna... weird.

Bug. Continuing to lick? its right antenna.

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Missy said...

The only bugs on our camping trip were drunk off of our blood :/

Funny story.
Clearly this bug was a wino.