Friday, July 16, 2010

Year of the (Wood) Rat

Among all the cute and furry woodland critters we see every year up at Crocuta, are the largely nocturnal and highly destructive woodrat. They're unbelievably cute!

However, this one (above) consumed an entire futon. So... well, he had to go. In fact, nearly every day of the two weeks I was up there in the northern Sierra Nevada, one of these (not-so) little guys was caught. Mostly they were caught in these "have a heart" traps and then released somewhere slightly more wildernessy than the cabins.

However, not all the rats were so lucky. Mikey (above) is a notorious rat hunter, believe it or not... this old, small, but fiesty, rat terrier lives up to his name, and one evening (during dinner of course) he came trotting by and off into the forest with a rat the size of his head in his mouth...

We caught this little guy, clearly in his awkward pre-teens, and set about releasing him where we had sent his (presumably) mama the day before. We were sure he wanted to be free, but clearly he was hesitant about life outside the bars (see video below). Believe it or not, these silly creatures actually go for CELERY as bait!


Missy said...

The preteen one is slightly cuter than the older one.
I'm glad I didn't see any of these guys on our camping trip!

gnat said...

but they're soooooo cute!