Sunday, April 24, 2011

Geology Club, Solar Ovens, San Andreas Fault & Wind Wolves Preserve

This semester the Geology Club has taken the school by storm. They are awesome, so here's a little overview of what they've been up to (with, or without, me).

giant human mudcrack on genuine mudcracks

Last fall, a time that longs to be forgotten, BC got the photovoltaic carport system installed. In order to make some degree of effort to inform the school about solar energy (not at all done by BC), I convinced the Geology Club that they needed to do something.

homemade solar oven expo - what you can build with less than $5 worth of material - they cooked cup o' noodles for any students who came by during "Spring Fling" week

you can't help but feel a little special when jumping photos are done in your honour and absence

1 of two field trips this semester; the first going to one of the usual hot spots, the San Andreas Fault. The trip was supposed to go to Montana de Oro, however the tsunami that occurred over in Japan also happened to trigger waves on the California coast, and consequently resulted in the beaches being closed... on the very day of my plate tectonics field trip. Oh, the irony.

Much earlier this year I trekked up to Wind Wolves Preserve to "train" park volunteers in their local geology so that they could... well... actually teach geology during their geology program.

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