Friday, April 29, 2011

operation "eat the stuff in my cupboards" part 1

Food experiment 1: cauliflower with marinara sauce

Rationale: had cauliflower in fridge from veggie basket, it's about the same colour as pasta, and it *seems* like it might be one of those starchy type vegetables? Kind of like a potato? So I don't really know about that, and no, I haven't bothered looking it up. Other rationale: it was 9pm, I was hungry, and that seemed like the easiest and fastest thing I could make for dinner.

Method: steam head of cauliflower, hack into pieces, pour sauce on it directly from jar (the cauliflower was hot enough to warm the sauce as far as I was concerned).

Result: surprisingly delicious! Although I'd also say that my 9:30pm level of hunger might have me slightly biased.

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