Monday, May 02, 2011

operation "eat the stuff in my cupboards" part 2

Food experiment 2: steel cut oat "risotto/polenta"

Rationale: oats are good and absorby like rice/polenta, steel cut oats take WAY too freaking long to bother with at breakfast - that needs to be FAST - so they're just sitting around in my cupboard NOT being eaten. Earlier solution had been steel cut oats for dinner, but that's pretty un-exciting, and oats are cheap and arborio rice is less cheap, and I have stock and parmesan...

Method: cook oats in stock instead of water (4:1 stock:oats), stir in some parm, salt & pepper, plus a bunch of sauteed garlic and chard, finish with half a fresh squeezed lemon

Result: not as weird as you might think, definitely edible - but still has that oaty undertone that makes it not quite right flavour-wise.

---------------------------------------Food experiment 3: lemon mousse

Rationale: had 2 random egg whites sitting around and lots of lemon, can't justify eating eggs without their delicious yolks, but figured that whipped up egg whites could transform into mousse without missing their yolks. Grandma used to make chocolate mousse, but I had lemons, not chocolate. They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade - well, I've tried that, and I have to say that I cannot seem to make drinkable lemonade...

Method: dumped 2 egg whites in mixing bowl, added juice of half a lemon and some zest for good measure, threw in some sugar, measured nothing. Put mixer on high for some time while I chopped up chard & garlic for oatmeal concoction listed above. When egg white mix was sort of fluffy and had soft peaks (didn't look like stiff peaks were going to happen) I plopped it into a glass and tossed it in the fridge.

Result: as you can see from the photo above, which was taken not 20 minutes after it got put in the fridge, the thing went and separated - so basically I should have eaten it immediately. And, I definitely should have, because I stirred it and essentially drank it, and the flavour was pretty great!

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