Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spring 2011 Mojave Trip

I seem to take students back to the Mojave desert every semester - and truly yesterday was one of the most spectacularly beautiful days we've ever had. On top of that, students this year found the most amazing trilobite specimens we've ever found on one of these excursions, AND the famous brine trench had completely filled in; I think National Chloride must no longer be in business.

The brine trench yesterday.

The brine trench before!!!

The stairs to the lava tube yesterday.

The "stairs" before!

Everything was green from the extensive rains we've had this spring - I just couldn't get over how pretty the volcanic landscape was this time around.

Epic trilobite finds this year - last year 2 of this caliber were unearthed. This year? 5!

I've driven by this sign on old Rte 66 I don't know how many times. Needed to document it. Unfortunately, this is about all I know about that snippet of California's Rte 66 history.

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