Wednesday, May 11, 2011

operation "eat the stuff in my cupboards" part 3

Food experiment 4: salmon "pie"

Rationale: had a frozen pie shell in the freezer, frozen peas, and a can of salmon hanging around, plus eggs, which means I could make something sort of vaguely resembling a quiche.

Method: vigorously stir up 2 eggs, some random quantity of goat milk, mush up the contents of a can of salmon in there too, and a little bit of cheese. Put frozen peas lining bottom of pie shell, pour egg-salmon mixture on top. Bake at 375 about 50min until brown.

Result: Should have thawed peas out first - they thawed and cooked fine in the oven, but make the base of the pie crust moist instead of crisp. Otherwise, it tasted pretty good despite not being particularly solid.

Plus the Extreme Chef and I scavenged Biwa Fruit (loquats) off of someone's tree downtown and ate a whole bunch of that. Look at how pretty they are!


Missy said...

that is gooses! :)

Calico Mermaid said...

I LOVE loquats!!!