Wednesday, September 14, 2011

apparently it isn't over yet

For reasons that are likely rooted deeply in incompetence, I am still receiving e-mails from my former employer. For reasons that are entirely selfish and for entertainment/vindication purposes, I continue to read said e-mails.

Start from the bottom and read your way up.

1. I would not (mot?) have cared one way or the other if student was not (mot?) "feeling too hot" (or "to hot") and would have preferred to not (mot?) have that clutter my inbox even if I was there.

2. I'm not (mot?) there.

3. It's week 3? 4? there and this student still does not (mot?) know who his professor is? Awesome.

1 comment:

Miles Bowman said...

So funny! He just kept digging down, didn't he?