Thursday, September 15, 2011

great illustration

My new field area is bits and pieces of the Colorado Plateau... it's pretty big, and not even remotely like any of the geology I've ever studied before. Consequently I've been gathering materials to help me study and read up on on the area. Mostly I've purchased a bunch of current things off of, but they haven't arrived yet - meanwhile I'm perusing some gems of finds that are so far out of date that plate tectonics is not even a glimmer in the eye of geologists at the time they were published.

Scenes of the Plateau Lands and How They Came to Be is fabulous because it is filled with hand drawn pencil sketches that I absolutely adore. Here's my favourite:

It's good for so many reasons, but I think what I appreciate most out of it is the random herd of dinosaurs about to drown in the river. At the far left is probably an Albertosaurus, judging by size, especially in comparison to what must be a T-Rex drowning in the foreground. To the right of Albertosaurus is an unlikely companion, almost certainly Vulcanodon, because it can't possibly be a Diplodocus or any other giant sized sauropod, unless it stumbled into an incredible shrinking machine or something, which is only slightly less likely than Vulcanodon, Diplodocus, or a Titanosaur herding along with Albertosaurus and/or T-Rex. The most obvious character is the Stegosaur dog-paddling along in the river, who also seems quite an unusual companion in this motley crew. Look closely and you'll see the only capable swimmer of the lot is watching, bemusedly, from atop the log.

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