Sunday, April 16, 2006

Egg Decorating!

I took part in my first egg decorating "egg-stravaganza" it was definitely fun and silly!

Here we see E-marathoner and Irish Girl prepping the eggs... Please note the bunny cake in the foreground. Made with genuine bunny!

E-marathoner expertly paints away...

Pi proudly shows off his Pi egg. And his oval formula egg. The Pi egg wins!

Irish Girl displays her significantly more traditionally decorated (at a Walmart production pace!) eggs...

In Hot Hands' left; the prez, in his right; the big dipper.

The Polish Poet shows off "ceci n'est pas un oeuf", she also penned "I'll never be a chick".

Perhaps the least traditional eggs of all, I give you "fractal fern" and "pirate ship" eggs...

...but my favourite of all was definitely my lemon.


Heather said...

I'm liking the evidence of some creativity-stimulating wine to wash down the bunny...Yay for Caliornia, eh?

Kilometres said...

Hee, lemon.

How appropriate that an egg be a lemon. I hope someone was fooled.

Special props should be given to eggs that can be poetry.

How come the photo of you can't be enlarged? I wanted a closer look of your eggs and was not allowed. I'm curious as to what a fractal fern looks like. I had no idea that you were into fractals. I know a girl whose father makes fractals, so I feel like we should use this moment to bond about fractals.
Anyone else out there have fractal stories they want to share? Perhaps we could have a post dedicated to fractals using the egg as a reference. Think about it. Fractals make everyone happy.

gnat said...

I will post zooms of my fancy eggs tomorrow, I promise. I don't know why one can't enlarge the photo - that is bizarre, n'est ce pas?