Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Smart comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours...

I was working on my pottery "self portrait" for the class that I regretfully had taken for credit rather than audit (not thinking clearly after xmas evidently...) at my kitchen counter on the weekend when I heard a knocking. The knocking wasn't a front door type knocking, it was a cabinet door type knocking. It was a little bizarre, and at first I figured I hadn't heard it correctly.

The knocking continued mysteriously, and I actually felt a nudge on my knee. I stepped backwards, and Kiki strolled casually out of the kitchen cabinet. I was confused, but figured that I must have accidentally closed him in there at some point earlier in the day when he must have snuck inside. It was pretty funny.

The following day I was sitting on the couch marking research papers when I heard a knocking again. The very same kitchen cabinet knocking, so I walked over and sure enough Kiki was caught strolling casually out of the cabinet again. This time I was sure that I had not opened the cabinet at any point in the day, so Kiki must have figured out how to open the cabinet and get inside. For a declawed cat with furry paws and no opposable thumbs, this seemed a bit of a feat, so I needed to catch him in the act to be sure.

I did. Later on that day I saw Kiki batting the door open in a technique that I am certain must also be how he opened the sliding pocket doors at my Aunt's in Van Nuys.

Why should Kiki be so keen to get in the cabinet? Besides going stark raving mad alone in an apartment all day, there must be a reason. Suffice it to say that reason is the same reason that I will have to go and buy a large-size tupperware to put in that cupboard. Ahh yes, Kiki found the stash of kitty kibbles and was helping himself whenever he felt the need for a snack. This also explained the bizarre habit he had gotten into over the weekend of NOT FINISHING his meal! And for those of you who know Kiki, that is bizarre behaviour indeed!

My thoughts currently are two:

1) Buy tupperware, store kibble in it with the lid off, and leave the cat to feed himself by opening the cabinet (this may actually burn more calories than the tricky treat ball did, although in the end he does manage to score more grub)

2) It may be time to attempt toilet training again...

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