Sunday, April 16, 2006

Knitting Absurdities

Well, I just couldn't resist an ammonite and a stegosaurus. Could you?


Josh said...

If only you didn't have a real job... you could make money selling these things.

gnat said...

Josh, I'll trade you a hand-knitted dino for baby for a pack of "p-p-p-penguins"!

Kilometres said...

Seriously, why aren't these for sale, or being mailed out to random people?
Do I need to post my mailing address online so we can send each other crazy things in the mail? I think I might have to.
Here begins a formal request for a knitted non-conventional animal

I would like to send the Ammonite to my niece who likes all things pinkish.

End formal request

Is it possible that you've become more fabulous since you moved away? Never stop being the most fabulous Gnat there is.