Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another snippet of odd California history

What remains now of 1 extremely OCD man, 1 one-armed man, and 1 long-lived and very strange woman are these barbed-wire bound and vandalized shacks in more or less the middle of nowhere. The tunnel that took "Burro" Schmidt 32 or 38 years (depending on your source) to dig out through solid granite, by hand, solo, that leads nowhere (see view of cliff edge looking down on salt flat playa below) was certainly worth rumbling over to see. It's unreal how people lived and what they did out here in the early 1900's - and all of these people who lived up here on this mountain (not simultaneously) completely missed out on the California Gold Rush too. Read about Burro Schmidt, Mike Lee, and Tonie Seger - I highly recommend it.

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