Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Happy and Surprising Event!!!

While waiting for the other competitors to finish the tri today, I thought I'd go and have a look-see at my time. I got to the prelim posting and found myself up in position #3... Position # what??? #3??? I placed 3rd???? Is that what that means I asked???????
Apparently it is. Soooooo cool. And so unexpected!!!
This girl I met on the run was the only one in age 20-24, so she was pretty pleased with her gold - she didn't finish that far behind me either, and the craziest part? She's a petroleum engineer working at Chevron... Seriously, how do I meet these people - it's like geology folk are drawn to one another.
P.S. I did not run in the Grand Canyon ghetto T with holes in the armpits, I wore a real shirt. One with holes only for arms, head and body. But I also poured water all over it, and was feeling a tad damp, so I changed - and then totally didn't look cool getting my medal :(


Kilometres said...

How kick ass is that!? Way to go Gnat! I always knew you were a contender! Whoot Whoot!

Next time see if you can't get some "during the race photos". I would dig that.

gnat said...

I'm awaiting them from the pro dude - then I'll see if I can swipe a few off the web page!

bek said...

Very cool Gnat! Congrats on the medal!!