Friday, May 26, 2006

Rafting... that's part of Earth Science, right?

About a month ago I took my Earth Science lab on a white water rafting field trip. Ok, well it didn't quite go down exactly like that - my class assisted with the adaptive fitness students on their field trip... But I justified us being able to go because we talk about rivers in my class. It's only half a lecture, but the day trip more than makes up for it!


jakesdad said...

Now that's pure Canadian Genius!!

Scoring a Whitewater rafting trip under the guise of Education. Brilliant Gnat!

I'm curious though. Seeing as it was a "geology" trip, did you have to shout out "Watch out for that Alkaline Feldspathic Granite!!" or did "Watch out for that rock!" still suffice?

gnat said...

The irony there, or perhaps it's not irony - it's that you know me, is that I asked them to identify what rocks we were crashing into... and they were granitic!