Monday, May 01, 2006

more knitting... this time a blind penguin

Basically I just couldn't be bothered to sew eyes on...


Kilometres said...

Okay that's clearly a work or sheer genius!


Who doesn't love penguins!? I think we all know we love penguins. Even the academy of motion pictures loves penguins. They awarded an oscar to a movie that just watched penguins do their thing for a year. That's it! That's how much we all love penguins.

Also, the fuzzy chest makes this thing rule me.

I appreciate that Gnat clearly knew how much this thing ruled by giving her viewing audience several shots of the fabulosity that is the knitted Penguin.

Can the Penguin's name be Enid? I think it should be named Enid.

Lulu said...

Great penguin Nat. I, too, love the furry chest. Soooo cute!
Interestingly, to prove that we really do love penguins, there was an article in the New Scientist recently about penguins and how they've been held up as paragons of virtue due to their lifelong pair mating and dedicated parenthood. But the article actually reavealed that penguins not only frequently exchange partners, but they also engage in homosexual behaviour. In fact, there was a heartwarming story about a gay couple who successfully raised an adopted egg, but then one of them left his partner for a younger female penguin. Isn't that always the way?
Whoops, didn't mean to write so much. Good knitting...