Friday, December 29, 2006

BA on Boxing Day

For this year's birthday I finagled an intense drive from Kingston to London (en route to Barrie and via Waterloo) in order to see the show I miss the most since my move... yup, that's right... the BA Baracus Band! YAY! Check out Papa's shirt! Djembe was in top form that night, wowee!

It was fun having the Pembroke St. reunion despite missing one ultra-hyper and integral link to the house dynamic... kilometres...

BEG, Papa and me

Papa, TFF and Jumpmaster

Rather than post all the videos I took that night, I thought I would post one little teaser and provide links to the rest, for those die-hard BA fans who can't get enough of tinny sound and poor in-bar videography from an older digital camera and a person (me) who forgets how to hold the camera...

Fraggle Rock (featuring Duncan for old times sake)
Bette Davis Eyes (short - people started dancing right in front of my camera...)
a Corey Hart tribute (I'd never heard them do this one before!!! fun!)
and Girls (another one I hadn't heard them do before - and also fun!)

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