Monday, December 18, 2006

Good day - Bad day

So far today has been rather mood-swingy...

  • Good day: have a home for kitten to go to! Hooray!!!
  • Better day: vet squeezed me in early today so I could finish up with kitten's boosters and he'd be all ready to go to San Luis Obispo (his new home) Tuesday morning! Yay! Thanks vet!
  • Even better day: finally thought of something for my last present to get, managed to squeeze all presents as well as minimal amount of clothing into suitcase, was able to drink coffee again for the first time in a week! Yipee!
  • Great day: will be able to squeeze in one last day of desert romping before leaving the country. Woohoo!

Say bye-bye to kitten!

  • Bad day: called rental car people about a suddenly flattish tire on rental car, they directed me to their tire place where I had to hang around for an hour or so while they fixed the car. Grrr - time waster.
  • Worse day: stopped by bank to get Canadian money, they said they don't deal with foreign exchange, I have to order that on the phone ('cause what - they're a BANK, that's not what banks DO???). Gave me a number, sent me to their lobby phone where I called, found out it was not the right number, called the number the phone person gave me, found out that you don't order the money over the phone you order it at the branch... phone guy commented that I had clearly received "stellar customer service". Stood back in line at the branch, tried again, they claimed ignorance and tried having me order it over the internet. Turns out there's a minimum amount one can order this way (which was more than I wanted) AND there's a fee that's bigger than if I just took money out from the bank machine in Canada. (This, by the way, was one of the first things I asked about when I started the inquiries...)
  • Rip my f*$#ing hair out day: got denied for line of credit, which makes Jeep purchasing INCREDIBLY difficult. Total time wasted at bank? 2 hrs.

  • Better day: found out Pi was going to drive the kitten to the coast rather than me having to do that tomorrow. Pi has fabulously saved me AN ENTIRE DAY of time that I can use to deal with any of the above things that made today a bad day.

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