Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The new breakfast routine

Now my mornings go something like this:
  • respond to kiki's meowing by getting up and feeding him (normal)
  • turn on espresso machine
  • respond to kitten's meowing by freeing him from the bathroom (where I trap him overnight)
  • grab kitten in one hand so that he doesn't barge in front of kiki to steal his food (to which kiki either responds by hissing or looking at me bewildered)
  • grab cup to have coffee in (still holding kitten)
  • put kitten food on counter with kitten in front of it hoping that kitten will find it more interesting than kiki's food (has not happened yet)
  • grab kitten
  • clean litter boxes (kitten likes to use both of them at night)
  • make coffee
  • check to see if kiki's done eating yet (even though he gobbles it fast, it seems like it takes forever now!)
  • put kitten down if kiki's done
  • shove kiki in litter box
  • clean litter box (again)
  • let kiki outside to hang around on the patio
  • drink coffee while kitten does this:


Jen Kellett said...

Don't you want to keep it even a little bit?! From the photos it looks like Kiki is tolerating the little guy pretty well. We're bringing home a new kitten soon and hoping Dory will not turn into a permanent grouch - any advice? Keep posting the cute kitten photos and videos!

Dawn said...

awww, that kitten is so cute! how can you not keep it? it even matches kiki!

Miles said...

I love how at the end it looked like he didn't know whether he should keep attacking the mouse or start cleaning himself. Good times.

My morning routine of get up: stumble to shower, shave (or not), dress self, eat exceedingly large breakfast, go to school; just got a whole lot more boring looking. *sigh*

Does this mean you are keeping kitten? How come he's still at your house?