Friday, December 22, 2006


I am currently blogging from wireless internet in the LA airport. I have to board my flight in a little under 4 hours and am trying to occupy myself seeing as the chairs in here are arranged in such a way that you cannot lie down. So I will regale you with sleepy babble recounting my last desert adventure of 2006!

This has been a record year for desert roaming - and the Mojave to be sure! On the way out I drove by Tehachapi, as usual, and for the first time saw the range covered in a light dusting of snow - naturally I had to pull over and collect some photographic evidence to show you all.

Bird Nerd accompanied me for this round and we went on an expedition across the marble mountains where I exhibited an extraordinary lack of map-reading proficiency. (Check out that wicked use of the letter "X"!!!)
Luckily I more than made up for it with mad bat-photography skillz. Oh yeah, and mad love from the waitress at Bun Boy who has a slightly over-the-top enthusiasm for seeing my bright (although usually dirty from desert roaming) face appear in her place of work for a burger after a day of playing in rocks.


Heather said...

Um. Having just spent over 48 hours in transit, I want to know WHY you were in the airport more than four hours before your flight? You just like the ambience?
Merry Christmas Nat!

gnat said...

ah yes... not well planned Heather... the options were arriving more than 4 hours in advance of flight or arriving after flight take-off thanks to bus schedule. although in retrospect, in this case getting a hotel room might have been worthwhile!