Sunday, May 11, 2008

Devil's Kitchen Syncline

Yup, that's what it's called! Ha ha ha, gotta love geology humour. And I had nothing to do with this one at all. Please done mind the horrendous nasty disgusting brown smear across the valley in this photo, that's just the "air" here... If the grossness of haze were not there, what you'd actually see is the great San Joaquin Valley (ironically also a syncline) and behind it, spectacular snowy-capped mountains. But no, you don't see that, instead you see brown. As such, it is preferred that you instead look at the spectacular syncline in the foreground, the one named "Devil's Kitchen Syncline".

In addition today I also collected some spectacularly bizarre blobs of magnetite (possibly of hydrothermal origin?), see the magnets sticking off the blobs? See the hydrothermal-looking-ness?.

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Kilometres said...

I see the magnets. How do I see the hydrothermal-ness?