Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pre-Italy Adventure #1

Thanks to my Rock Buddy for the adventure and being way more on top of photos taking and uploading than I. These are all his!

Mineral King National Park - Panorama across Hume Lake to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada. Oh wait. Sierra Nevada MEANS "snowy mountains" so I guess that was redundant...

Requisite jumping photo at Roaring River Falls, I've done one here before... but it never got blogged.

Chevron folds of the most fantastic foldiness. This is totally a "where's Waldo" photo!

And while one is romping in King's Canyon, a slight detour to see the big trees of Sequoia National Park is almost impossible to avoid. This is the "Nation's Christmas Tree". It's the widest one apparently.

1 comment:

Kilometres said...

Those rocks are WAY cool!

I also like that your shirt matches the rocks.

Oh, and I can't find Waldo... where is he?