Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pre-Italy Adventure #2

Ahhh, the Calico "early man site" near Barstow, CA. I knew it had highly controversial (read: not widely accepted) conclusions about when human ancestors puttered around the middle of the California desert, but I still felt I had to see it for myself. I was not expecting the sad sad sad archaeological dig site that I came to.

That last little shot there is in Yermo, where three years ago we attempted to stop and fuel up but found a distinct lack of fuel. It needed to be photographed for posterity's sake.

Unfortunately we had started with Calico Ghost Town's parking lot to look at a spectacular syncline/anticline pair - and that made the "early man site" even more sad and pathetic... However, it also makes the long-postponed trip to peruse Calico move up higher on the roster - very cool.

And yes, it does appear that there are a lot of folded rocks in my most recent posts. And yes, I did eat a burger at Bun Boy in Barstow after the adventuring was done. It's tradition (even though Tammy doesn't work there anymore).

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Kilometres said...

The website makes the early man site look a lot more elaborate that I think it was. False Advertising!

No wonder people there don't believe. There's not enough evidence to show people the way!