Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Italy leg 2: Florence, San Gimignano, Pisa & the Cinque Terre

More or less from left to right and top to bottom...

1st "row":
1) View of Florence from outside old city walls at sunset
2) David (replica near Uffizi)
3) Nice dinner out at Cibreo

2nd "row":
1) View of Florence from top of Duomo
2) View along Arno River from Ponte Vecchio at sunset
3) Ponte Vecchio (and a rowing shell)
4) Leaning Tower of Pisa
5) On the train

3rd "row":
1) Petting bronze boar at San Lorenzo (Il Porcelino) Market
2) Standing on the Ponte Vecchio
3) Posing strategically by a fountain
4) Liturgical clock (apparently still functioning) in the Duomo
5) Ridiculous close up of frescoes of the Duomo

4th "row":
1) Wooden Armillary sphere in the History of Science Museum
2) Spiral steps climbing down from the Duomo

5th "row":
1) View of Vernazza (one of the Cinque Terre) from the harbour
2) View of Vernazza from up on the hill behind town
3) Some of the many towers of San Gimignano
4) View of Tuscan hills and homes from San Gimignano


Heather said...

So where's San Gimignano, and what's there and how did you find out about it?
And how does it compare to my beloved Vernazza? Did you stay in one of the same places in Vernazza?
Thanks for the post card!

gnat said...

San Gimignano is south of Florence, it's a medieval-esque walled town and we were told about it by a bunch of people who had spent time in Tuscany. Lots of touristy crap is there, plus a great view and 14 remaining towers of the 72 that once were there.
Vernazza, our beloved Vernazza! It has changed! I chatted with a local, and he said that since we were there 4 years ago there's a huge difference and it's been over-run by tourists. :( It's no secret "hidey hole" anymore! We stayed in Florence actually - it seems that someone or group of someones has made staying in peoples' homes more difficult and less legal. Double :(