Monday, June 23, 2008

Quick blast through Canada...

Had to make a trip to Kingston - Queen's University - to get some work done on a paper. While there, I wandered by a few places that I used to live (clockwise from left): The great house on University & Earl - we had the whole upper level and I had two rooms to myself, The "shoebox" on Johnson & Aberdeen - we had the upper back level, and our "balcony equivalent" was the sad and pathetic fire escape, and Miller Hall - where I spent most of my time in my office - home of the Geology Dept.

While in Kingston, I caught The Gertrudes live for the opening of the Skeleton Park Music Festival. Good times - bizarre number of wanna-be-genuine-hippies in attendance.

Back in Barrie, I traveled back in time at the Queen's (bar) and connected with friends who date back to elementary school and early days working at the rowing club.

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