Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Italy leg 3: Venice & Verona

From left to right... (sick of this yet???)

1st row (Venice):
1) Typical view along the Grand Canal
2) Typical view of sinking uninhabitable lower levels of buildings
3) View over Basilica San Marco (and the city and the lagoon) from the top of the bell tower
4) Bells in the bell tower

2nd row (Venice):
1) Sketchy floaty train tracks on the way into Venice
2) On the Gondola
3) Ponte Rialto at night (on the Gondola)
4) Our Gondolier

3rd row (Verona):
1) Nice tiles trying to disguise pay toilet (trough) as not being "crappy" ha ha
2) Wine & Grappa shop where I finally found "Grappa di Miele"
3) Bronze sidewalk plaque showing Roman layout of Verona with Forum in the center, and utilization of a meandering river loop to protect the city on three sides (the other side had a wall)
4) Verona's Arena, 3rd largest, best preserved, made of pink marble, and hosts summer operas!

4th row (Verona):
1) "Juliet's balcony" (if you care to believe she really existed and don't require evidence)
2) "Romeo's house" (even more skeptical than Juliet's!)
3) Venician winged lion proudly showing Venice's hold on Verona in the Piazza Erbe
4) View across Adige River

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Anthony said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun