Sunday, November 02, 2008

Adventuring the Calico Mountains

A couple of my favourite photos from this weekend in the desert (it actually rained - can you believe it???) - it started as a field trip to Calico ghost town, and finished as an offroading adventure in the Calico mountains.

A gorgeous day and a gorgeous place to go looking for petroglyphs


I've seen all kinds of broken glass shards in the desert among other trash - but I must say I've never seen any sign of milk being consumed until now.

Very fold-y folds!

A rainbow of rocks under rain clouds.

The bottle house at Calico - it's actually whole entire bottles cemented together!


jeannette stgermain said...

Hey, how come no one is following your blog - and where is the the space for it??
one of my friends has an archeological degree and went digging for 2 years in S.Arabia - so i'm interesed in your rock experienced - am pretty new at this blog, so let me know how i can keep in touch - cheers, jeannette

gnat said...

to answer what I know - I think you can subscribe to the posts by clicking on "subscribe" at the bottom of the current page - when a new post is made, you are notified! Thanks for finding me!

Kilometres said...

Very cool house! Did you get close-ups of the bottle house? I'd be interested to see them.

The rainbow rocks are also cool. Are they that different under the sun, or is it the shade that makes them so obvious?

Also, who's making these pteroglyphs?

Kilometres said...

Also, wouldn't the glass house be outrageously hot? I would think that glass would just make an awful heat inside... or does it's insulating power come through in this case?

gnat said...

yes, the hills were really all those colours - it was pretty impressive!
I will post bottle house photos - we couldn't go inside, it was boarded up...