Sunday, November 23, 2008


Oh Pillsbury, is there nothing you cannot do? We were surprised to find Pillsbury brand Samosas "heat and eat" in the freezer section yesterday. Granted, this was the freezer section of A-1 Indian Grocery... but still, Pillsbury? Samosas?

Today I was surprised to find that Felix the Cat sells Cadillacs. I get the 50's style connotation, but it still seems like an odd product choice to me. I'd most definitely be buying the Pillsbury brand samosas before I'd go here!


Dawn said...

Uggh! Pillsbury samosas! They completely failed on croissants, I can't imagine them succeeding with the asian menu.

Peter Gruhn said...

I'm commenting on fb right now about a market that blew me away. In order to get across the "no really, this is the most amazing Indian market that I have ever seen" aspect I'm remarking on the Pillsbury Samosa. Ah, but maybe EVERYBODY knew about that. Quick google... nope, yours is the only picture of the product and it's WAY down the page. So if anybody calls me on it, HAH! I point them at your picture. Thanks.