Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Great Southern California Shakeout

Today marked a state-wide earthquake drill - and all week the Geology Club hosted the "GeOlympics" to promote earthquake awareness on campus. The GeOlympics included a "guess the weight of the rock" contest, "volcanic bomb toss", "strong man lift", and "seismic scavenger hunt". They also sold reusable grocery bags, magnets, and other things for fundraising.

Some of them at their table (totally reminiscent of my days in Miller Club, *sigh*)

Bomb toss - check out the perfect football shaped rock!

Demonstrating duck & cover - but they should be holding on to something!!!

Today, in addition to handing out the Earthquake Preparedness Guide, they also sold their Earthquake Disaster Kits - which were pretty awesome, I must say.

Strong man lift!

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