Sunday, November 30, 2008

knitting, what's that?

It's about time I posted some knitting on this blog - but to be perfectly honest, the knitting has been pretty lagging lately. I started this blanket... oh, about a year ago. With a couple of productive spurts this fall, it now resembles a square, and now I'm trying to push on to get a border (the blue wools around the edge there) accomplished - and then... I have to figure out a lining/backing of sorts. But oh well, here's the start!

Oh yes, and in a fit of procrastination, I'm now on "ravelry" which is likely to result in even more procrastination. 'Tis the season!


Heather said...

Did you knit the squares and then stitch them together? If so, my congratulations. It's the finishing that always does me in. I HATE it.

gnat said...

Yeah, I knit the squares then I KNIT them all together, and yes, the finishing does me in too - which is probably why I thought that knitting them together would be better than sewing them together, but as it turns out - that takes like 8 times longer to do. Stupid stupid stupid.