Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Manzanar. Or creeping around cemeteries at night.

Manzanar is an amazing cultural site not too far from Bake-town that I have driven past countless times, but never actually stopped at. We gave it a run through on the way to our campsite after hiking in the Bristlecones - specifically the cemetery. This was partly because of the great obelisk in the nearly full moon set against the Sierra Nevada, and also partly because at that time of night the visitor center/museum was closed.

Check out all the origami birds. Cranes that is.

One of the graves.

Our campsite (Tuttle Creek) is set against the backdrop of Mt. Whitney, more or less amongst the Alabama Hills. Not too often that one is camped by the tallest and second tallest mountains in the lower 48 on the same trip!

This is the grinning rock in the Alabama Hills. No, they're not in Alabama.

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