Monday, July 13, 2009

A Special Tribute to Some 'Dam' Fine Wine!

Even though I'm not using this winery in my wine class, it still remains one of my favourite wineries and I feel like they deserve some props and free blog advertising too :) maybe someone at Castoro will stumble across this and send me some love in return...

So, here's my top 5 reasons that Castoro is great:
  1. They make grape juice. And it's divine! Never been anywhere near, come remotely close to, and never will touch a concord grape!
  2. They recycle. And they are anti plastic water bottles. They offer filtered water in their tasting room, but refuse to provide plastic water bottles.
  3. They offer organic wines, which is cool and trendy - but they do it because they practice sustainable agriculture in many of their vineyards, and organic wines just happen to be a by-product of this.
  4. They installed a photo-voltaic system in one of their vineyards and on their events room several years ago to offset their energy consumption in both wine production and the tastier side of the industry.
  5. The obvious... wine! I tend to favour whites because I'm less prone to headaches from them - Castoro delivers consistently good whites, and that is a rarity in this area for sure. They also make nice reds - but so do so many other Paso Robles area wineries, that's not a "make or break" factor!
So if you're in the area, go check them out. If you have some magical connection and can hook me up with a sweet sweet deal (aka free wine), I promise I won't say no!


Missy said...

Awesome that they have good whites. I'm not a fan of that many reds so it's always good to know who makes good whites.
And of course I'm stoked they are "green".

Dawn said...

Mmm, I remember that awesome grape juice!