Saturday, July 25, 2009

Santa Barbara Seeps

This week (right before my departure for Canada) I took a class called "Derricks to Desks", which is a local petroleum seminar for teachers. I figured it would give me a better understanding of what's going on here locally... I figured I wouldn't be the only one in the class with a geological background. Oh well, on the last day we went down to Santa Barbara to get a look at "Platform Holly" (one of the offshore rigs), the oil seepage, and potentially some dolphins. We saw all of those things - it was great, and the best part for me was NOT getting sea sick. Whew!

sea lions hanging out on a buoy (there were LOADS of these guys out and about)

Platform Holly

dolphins and Platform Holly

lots of dolphins! can you see the itty bitty dolphins?

oil seepage plus methane gas bubbles - there was lots of this too, but this photo showed prettier oil rather than gungier browner nasty looking oil

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