Saturday, August 13, 2005

Broadwater, Nebraska


Kilometres said...

So... many... comments... can't... make them all!

First, I'm surprised they spelled Open correctly on the handwritten fullscap taped in the window.

Second, crawlers? and... Bwa haha haha

Third, Hold on! Wait now. I just though I was looking at a funny town name, but then NO! I mean, are these people trying to turn a car dump into a TOURIST ATTRACTION?? Bring the kids! See the rust! Is this a viable form of entertainment?

You know honey, I was thinking we'd go to the park and play baseball with the family this weekend, but that's what we ALWAYS seem to end up doing. I just wish there was a way we could have quality family time that played more to our interests of dilapidation and squalour...

Fourth, Lazy U? No lazy THEM for not thinking up a real name for this place. Though I do enjoy that each unit is differently coloured and has it's own "stoop".

Fifth, Broadwater Library: Now with over 5 books! You can look up the municipality's regulations on building code violations in there. Can you say condemned?

gnat said...

And this is why the whole drive I was like "Miles needs to be here" "where's Miles" and "Miles would LOVE this!"