Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Part 2: to South Bend, Indiana (Monday, Aug. 8)

After breakfast, we meandered our way through construction and detours to the Rainbow Bridge so that I could get my TN Visa and we could get en route through the grand ol' U.S. of A. Let me just say that I was distinctly recalling the million foot high sign descriptions of Liam's from our rowing excursion to Orlando a few years back... Why are those billboards so darn huge anyway? And why are all the signs for every amenity on such tall poles?
We hit up the worst rain/hail storm during the drive by Cleveland too - oh wow! I had to pull over for a while due to not being able to see anything at all.
Anyway, the customs guy was awesome, and the whole procedure went quite smoothly, he looked over my stuff, asked how I found out about the job, told me that I'll love it there, that it's a geologist's paradise, what I should do when crossing the border in the future (i.e. xmas). That if I want to renew my Visa, I should just pretend like I've never had one before, told me how to go about bringing my car across... etc. etc. I was not expecting such treatment, that's for sure! Let alone advice and tips and tricks!!! Kiki was amazingly well behaved on the trip - on the road for close to 9hrs, and virtually no meows, mostly just quiet sleeping! No accidents!!!

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