Saturday, August 13, 2005

Part 5: to Baker, California (Thursday, Aug. 11)

This was a long, long, long day. The day started by getting unto Utah and taking a small detour to go visit the infamous town of Cisco, from whence the Cisco Kid originates. I had been there once before and distinctly recalled it being a ghost town, a ghost town that I desperately wanted to explore. There was one resident as far as we could ascertain, and s/he ran the convenient store (which contained a random assortment of animal carcasses and chocolate bars covered with a layer of dust). There was an outhouse with no roof, and lots of ruined ghost-town type huts and trailers that I desperately wanted to investigate and photograph. My opportunity arose! See section below for that... By the way, the outhouse was "out of order" this time around - how is that possible?
Following Cisco we had lots more Utah to drive through (note the spelling of Utah on the Cisco sign in the section below), sadly cursing the lack of time to leisurely hike through all the national parks, but I insisted that my mom see Bryce Canyon - it wasn't THAT much of a detour... Until we had to backtrack that is... Ah well, Bryce National Park is amazing, we went to Fairyland Canyon, where you don't have to actually enter the Park and pay the (fairly pricey) entrance fee.
Our plan was to make it past Vegas ('cause I informed mom that we definitely did not want to stay there) for the night. We got to Vegas, it was getting late, we had to stop. Alas, the hideousness, loudness, smell and sketchiness drove us away and after an icky pee stop, we continued on to Jean. Jean is the next city on the I15 in Nevada, and as it turns out, it is mini-Vegas, only with fewer options of places for people to stay. Clearly I had forgotten that these places are NOT FOR SLEEPING! You stay awake gambling or you nap at your slot machine, what need would there be for a roadside motel? We continued on to Primm... Primm was also mini-Vegas, but is was also bordering California, so we knew that not too far ahead there would be some town with a motel for us. There was. 60 miles away. That town is called Baker and it sucks. It was like 10 million degrees there due to all the neon lights and trucks sitting on tarmac with engines running full blast with air conditioning. We found a motel "Bun Boy" (sadly, I forgot to take a photo) and a place to eat "The Crazy Greek". The motel didn't take "pet's" so we plead ignorance and snuck Kiki in. I took no photos of this place, except Kiki in road-kill position on the tile floor to escape the heat. It was horrendously overpriced...

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