Friday, September 22, 2006

...interesting devices...

I'm not sure what a "sprink" is, but this is the central one.

Big motor-generator thingy that is no longer meeting standards and as a result is costing us a giant daily fine to be running. And running it certainly was.

This, evidently, is a breathing apparatus.

Here is a GIANT wall panel filled with knobs and dials and switches and all sorts of good things!

Amid the thundering racket of machinery at work, what was operating, why, and how, was being explained to us. I mostly didn't hear anything.

Some sort of pulley. Seems a little outdated compared with some of the other things in here.

This door was really pretty awesome. It slides across AND down, thus completely closing off and sealing this room. From what? I don't really know... the room on the other side of the door I guess.

It was speculated that those big ol' generators were running to charge this here battery. Perhaps the 10Volt battery charger had malfunctioned. Perhaps it had something to do with the "pot feeder gaskets".

This, I know. THIS is a thermometer. It measures temperature. This particular one is quite high-tech, you see. It is measuring temperature in BOTH degrees Farenheit AND Celcius! As you can see, it was toasty down in this part of the tunnel system.

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Kilometres said...

30?! That sounds dangerous! Of course the sound of all that heat would be inhibited by the bomb shelter quality of the tunnels. No one would ever hear that heat from the outside...

I'm left wondering what a pot feeder gasket is. But more importantly I'm left wondering what the giant metal door was for. May I suggest for stopping the red tide? Commies, I'm told, have a hard time flooding through a metal door.

As for the giant motor, couldn't the giant fine be used to buy a motor that meets standards? Just a suggestion. If you share it with others, please credit me. I'd rather like to be responsible for that one.

And finally, I think every underground tunnel-structure needs a wall full of dials and knobs. What kind of structure would it be without? Did you get to try any of the knobs? How about the switches? What about buttons? Were there even buttons on the panel, or was it limited to switch and dial technology?

So many questions about your fantastic underground adventures!!