Monday, September 25, 2006

Tri update #3 (Sept. 25, results)

Well folks, looks like the photographer forgot to come to the show - there doesn't appear to be any photos for me to steal off the web...

However, I do have some important results!!!

Emarathoner came in 3rd in her age group for the half iron! Hooray!!! And she had her best swim time ever. Super fantastically well done!

Swim (1.2 mi) 38:19
Bike (56 mi) 3:42:56
Run (13 mi) 2:03:24

I came in 5th in my age group (64th over all).

Swim (1.5 km) 24:25
Bike (40 km) 1:36:25
Run (10 km) 1:04:46

1 comment:

Kilometres said...

Yay! Congratulations on the 5th place finish, that's superb.

And check you out with the superfast times! I'm impressed!

Is there a way you could arrange to have me flown out there to photograph all these happenings? That way I wouldn't have to suffer the injustice of not seeing any of the goodness you describe below.

Looking forward to reading more later...
For now, sleep. What am I even doing up still?!