Friday, September 22, 2006


Back in the 1950's when the "new" Bakersfield College campus was built up on the bluffs, a complex network of underground tunnels were built along with it. They served several purposes over the years, and are now blocked off and locked up - so you can only go in if you have special connections. I happen to have these special connections, as I have this year decided to co-advise the engineer's club. This is so far proving to be a lot of fun - great group of students, and when one student (in this case me - I know I'm not a student, but you know what they say about the squeaky wheel...) asks to do something like take a tour on the underground tunnels of the college, then it tends to happen.
So what were these tunnels used for? Connecting all the buildings to the bomb shelters, air and water flow for one. Now a good system for the electricity and cables to run through as well. But mainly the tunnels were used for partying by the students when there used to be dorms on campus. Back then, there was no partying in the dorms. Simple solution: go into the tunnels - the bomb shelter system is nice and soundproof.

What lies beyond this gate is for your eyes only!

Down the stairs we go - now entering... the tunnels!

Well, THAT doesn't look good...

Ok, NOW entering the tunnels!

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Kilometres said...

Is balding becoming popular with today's undergrads or is that a camera effect?