Monday, September 18, 2006

It's Vegas Baby

What am I talking about? Next weekend. That's right. But it's probably not what you think.

Everyone send me their leg power!


Kilometres said...

Wheee! Good luck! I hope you can get more fun photos of you competing!

hehe. I'd bet on you to place again!

*dodges rotten tomato*


*looks around*

gnat said...

well I bet I'd place if you lent me your legs. you're so darn selfish!

Kilometres said...

It's true! I am!

Thanks for noticing!

Anyone else want to pay attention to me?

Heather said...

Wow, our Nat is growing up so fast, now she's a mountain man.
Congrats! I'm jealous of anyone who can run, nevermind how fast. I've got the legs, but don't know how to work them...

jakesdad said...

Wow, good luck in the race you superfit Nat you!

I hope you win the Bike...or maybe the fruit, the Alabaster Sculptures just look to freaky.

And here is a race tip for you. Take Molly Chub Chub with you for the swim portion of the race. Her incredible buoyancy and frantic wet Cat paw flailing will most certainly propel you to victory!

gnat said...

Yeah, those alabaster sculptures... I don't think the "mountain man" racing community is the right field to give those away. Maybe the 80+ female quilting race category.
Ahhh, Molly Chub Chub, I bet she could flail me to victory!