Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Adieu old web page, adieu dignity

Today I received an e-mail that my undergrad e-mail address and all things attached to it, such as webpages, would be removed permanently as of March 15, 2006.

I created a webpage when I was in 1st year, in 1998, and periodically updated it with a few assorted random bits and pieces. It has long not been touched - for about 4 years actually - and I have long not been an undergrad. And so, the end of an era of a stupid useless webpage that I had long forgotten how to access, and that I had written in HTML code, arrives.

If anyone wishes to view said webpage for its last remaining month, you can reach it here:

The other thing that happened today was that my iron ring fell off, somehow, sometime this morning. The ring that I wore for years without removing for anything! That I triathloned with. That I swam with in open water, that stayed on through all that - THAT ring somehow fell off randomly this morning and I absolutely cannot find it. ARRRGH!!!! I now begin the grovelling process of hanging my tail between my legs and explaining that I have to join the ranks of the useless engineer that has to request a replacement ring. I haven't even got the slightest idea what my ring size is either... so step one is to get myself sized, and then step two is to grovel. Alas. I am ashamed!

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Cam said...

So the web page is pretty tough on the eyes. However, the Guestbook is a fascinating look back in time. Apparently in 1999, I liked big breasts. I guess some things are timeless.