Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fig Twig

I was a little concerned about the "fig twig" as I call it, but a horticulture friend informs me this is normal because they are deciduous... I anxiously await it to resemble something less dead.


Kilometres said...

So you're into black arts horticulture now? What do they yield zombie fruit? Don't you know better than to mess with reanimating fruits and vegetables Gnat!? Won't someone think of the children? (Or something equally inappropriately hysterical.)

JakesDad said...

Deciduous you say? "And yes Jack, those ARE magic give me the cow".

Nat, Nat, I see you are still that Naive Summer student from 5 years ago. That my friend is not a Fig twig, it's a Pool Cue.

Bek said...

Hey Nat... I wouldn't worry too much. A friend of mine also has a fig that randomly decides to drop all of its leaves occasionally and then follows it up with a miraculous comeback... it's been doing this successfully for years.